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Creek Street Market

Open every day - CSA pickup is here at our farm and market located on 1416 Creek Street.  The Creek Street Stand is Sunscape Farms in its glory! This big red and white market is located on the east side of Creek Street, about a quarter mile south of Plank Road. Come to enjoy a wonderful seasonal variety of produce, herbs, fruit and flowers grown right in the field behind the market and across the street. You can't get more local than that! Get directions to the Creek Street Market.

250/Atlantic Stand (Courtney's Stand)

Open every day - Courtney's Stand is one of the cutest roadside stands in New York, we're positive. Fresh, Sunscape Farms produce, fruit, herbs and flowers are beautiful! This stand was founded by Courtney when she and Nate were dating. Stop by and you'll probably meet Courtney's sister, Elizabeth, who often runs this stand to pay for her college. The stand is located near Don Scott Auto Mart at the 250/Atlantic intersection. Get directions to Courtney's Stand.

Fairport Farmer's Market

Open Saturday mornings - This market is chock-full of fresh seasonal produce, cut flowers, delicious baked goods, and lots of other goodies! Come on Saturdays in season and look for a white tent labeled "Sunscape Farms" for fresh produce and beautiful cut flowers! Located in Fairport right off Main Street, we're in the same plaza as the Fairport Library and just a few hundred feet southwest of the famed Fairport canal lift bridge! Get directions to the Fairport Farmer's Market.

Irondequoit Farmer's Market

Open Thursday evenings - Want to get fresh produce mid-week and have a lot of fun doing it? Take your friends and family to this market located off Titus Ave in Irondequoit behind the town hall. You'll find a huge variety of goods as well as a unique performance by a different entertainment group each week! Click here to view the performance schedule! Get directions to the Irondequoit Farmer's Market.

Pittsford Village Farmer's Market

Open Thursday evenings - Located in Pittsford by the west entrance to the library parking lot, this new market is dedicated to local, sustainable vendors. Enjoy a healthy variety of food and specialty items as well as events for kids and local musicians! Learn more here. Get directions to the Pittsford Village Farmer's Market.

Walworth (Ginegaw Park) Market

Open Tuesday evenings - The Walworth Farmer's Market is a fresh, new market with a variety of produce, baked goods, and more! The market is located in the parking lot of Ginegaw Park, so bring your kids so they can have fun on the playground as well as learning how to make healthy food choices! Get directions to the Walworth Farmer's Market.

Open Wednesday evenings - The Monroe Village Farmer's Market is a growing market located in the parking lot of the Blessed Sacrament Church. It boasts a variety of fresh, local produce, dairy and meat products, crafts, jewelry, cosmetics, soaps, and many more products to choose from! Come join the fun and support local businesses while choosing healthy, local produce and products! Get directions to Monroe Village Farmer's Market.

Rochester Public Market

We are here Flower Sundays and some Saturdays - The Rochester Public Market is a market with a long history and rich tradition here in Rochester. Open year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, this market boasts a huge variety of products from sneakers and dresses to produce and dairy. Come and see us on Saturdays! Get directions to the Rochester Public Market.

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Sunscape Farms

1420 Creek St

Rochester, NY 14625



(585) 406-3443


Creek Street Stand:

Weekdays 10am - 7pm

Weekends 9am - 6pm

Closed for the season!


250/Atlantic Stand

Closed for the season!


Fairport Farmer's Market:

Saturdays 7am - 12pm

Closed for the season!


Walworth Farmer's Market

Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm

Closed for the season!


Monroe Village Farmer's Market

Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm

Closed for the season!


Irondequoit Farmer's Market:

Thursdays 4pm - 8pm

Closed for the season!


Pittsford Farmer's Market:

Thursdays 4pm - 7pm

Closed for the season!


Rochester Public Market

Saturdays 7pm - 12pm

Not currently attending

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